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Wipe Out Your Medical Bills

Eliminate your medical debt with a Washington State bankruptcy. Our Seattle bankruptcy attorneys can help!

How to get rid of your medical bills with a Washington State bankruptcy.

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Medical bills can be overwhelming. The amount owing on them might be so large that it can feel like the debt would take a lifetime to pay off. Fortunately with bankruptcy, relief from this financial burden can be lifted. Call to learn if you qualify, and to get answers from our experienced law firm today.

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If you qualify, a Washington bankruptcy can eliminate 100% of your medical bills.

Medical bills are considered “general unsecured debt” in a bankruptcy. That is the lowest priority debt and almost always discharged. Medical debt is among the most common, if not the most common, causes of consumer bankruptcy. One reason why is that medical debt is often associated with a reduction in income because of lost wages. The Seattle bankruptcy lawyers from our law firm can help you get the relief you need. Call our Washington State bankruptcy lawyers today!

There seems to have been a popular misconception that the bankruptcy reform laws passed in 2005 made it difficult to discharge medical debt. This is not true. Though the laws made bankruptcy a little more complicated and harder for people with higher incomes, it did not single out medical debt at all for any changes.

Medical debt is usually just discharged in a Chapter 7 with the creditor receiving no payment on the debt. In a Chapter 13, the medical debt, along with any other general unsecured debt, is paid anywhere from 0% to 100%, depending on income and expenses.

Medical bills are sometimes associated with an accident where a debtor could recover money from a person or business that caused the accident. In this case, it is important to talk to an experienced bankruptcy attorney to make sure you are able to keep as much of the recovery as possible.

Our Washington State bankruptcy lawyers can also help with your personal injury case.

Damages in an injury case are property that could be taken by the trustee for distribution to creditors. However, there are specific bankruptcy exemptions that cover personal injury cases. It is important to discuss this with our Washington State bankruptcy lawyers who can also help you with the injury case was well.

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Our Seattle bankruptcy lawyers can help you eliminate 100% of your medical bills. Call our Seattle bankruptcy attorneys for your free consultation to see how filing can give you a new beginning!

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