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Need to stop a Washington State wage garnishment? We can help.

How to stop your wages from being garnished with bankruptcy in Seattle, WA.

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Wage garnishment can take a huge toll on being able to support yourself and your family. Filing for bankruptcy can remove this burden. Call for a no-risk case consultation today!

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Need to stop your wages from being garnished? Contact Seattle bankruptcy attorney, Erin M. Lane today.

Need to stop a Washington State wage garnishment? Once a bankruptcy is filed with help from our Seattle wage garnishment attorneys, a garnishment has to stop immediately. If a creditor garnishes money from your pay check after you file, it must be returned. Often, it is possible to recover money from a wage garnishment in the 60 days before a bankruptcy case is filed. Connect with our Seattle, WA Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys and Seattle, WA Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers to get immediate help to stop your wage garnishment!

Stop your wage garnishment immediately with a Washington State bankruptcy.

A creditor cannot garnish your wage without first filing a law suit and obtaining a judgment. If you receive a summons and complaint that means the creditor is suing you and will eventually garnish your wages. The summons has to be personally delivered to you – it cannot be mailed to you. However, later motions and writs of garnishment can be mailed to you. If a process server delivers a summons to you, talk to our Seattle wage garnishment lawyers right away to avoid any gaps in income while being garnished.

Our Seattle bankruptcy attorneys will help you stay on track.

You should file an answer to the complaint within 20 days so you can get your day in court (slows the process down). If you do not, the creditor can obtain a default judgment without your presence in court. Many times a creditor will serve the summons before actually filing the case. If the summons and complaint do not have a case number that does not mean the case is not valid. It just means the creditor intends to wait 20 days, then file the case and get a default judgment the same day. Your wages could be garnished shortly after that.

Don’t let your bank account get garnished – contact our Washington State bankruptcy attorneys right away!

A bank account can also be garnished. Sometimes a creditor will ask the bank to freeze an account while it obtains a judgment. Once a bankruptcy is filed, the account will be available to you again. However, if the bank obtains a judgment and the money is paid to the creditor before you file, you cannot get it back. This is one reason why contacting our Seattle wage garnishment lawyers sooner than later can make a difference.

Our Seattle wage garnishment lawyers can save you from financial disaster.

A creditor can take up to 25% of your net (after tax and other deductions) earnings. Only one creditor can garnish at a time. If you have several creditors who may garnish your wages, it will be very hard to ever get caught up as they line up to garnish wages and add interest and attorneys fees. Even a Chapter 13 repayment plan where you pay 100% of your debts is preferable to having your wages garnished for years. If creditors are threatening to sue you, talking to our Washington State bankruptcy attorneys could save you and your family from financial disaster. Connect with our Seattle wage garnishment attorneys today!

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Our Washington State bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you get a fresh start! We offer inexpensive low flat fees. Connect with our Seattle wage garnishment attorneys today for your free consultation:

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One of the common questions we hear from our clients is: “How do I stop may wages from being garnished?” Bankruptcy is often the solution to putting a stop to this financial drain. Call for a FREE consultation today!
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