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Do you have questions about protecting your home from foreclosure? Filing for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be the solution you’re looking for, but every situation is unique. With so much at stake, having experienced legal counsel present your best options and guide you throughout the process would be a prudent decision.

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Once a bankruptcy is filed, all collections stop dead in their tracks. This includes home foreclosures. Call the Seattle home foreclosure attorneys from our law firm if you need immediate help!

You can save your house from foreclosure up to the time the house is sold – usually at a trustee’s sale. A Chap. 7 case will only stop a foreclosure until the mortgage company gets permission from the court to continue with the sale. The Seattle home foreclosure lawyers from our team realize just how important keeping your home is to you and your family, that’s why we urge you to retain the skilled legal guidance you require.

The Seattle home foreclosure lawyers from our law firm will guide you through the entire process.

It takes at least a month for the mortgage company to get this permission but it usually takes longer. Sometimes it will give a homeowner time to negotiate a mortgage modification but this is not guaranteed, of course. The mortgage modification process takes place outside of the bankruptcy process.

A Chap. 13 allows a debtor to catch up on a mortgage over five years. The amount you are behind on a mortgage is consolidated with the rest of your debt. During this time, you have to make your current mortgage payments. You can also remove a second mortgage from your house and pay as little as 0% of it back (depending on your income) if the value of your house is less than the balance of your first mortgage. As in a Chap. 7, you can continue to explore the mortgage modification process while you are in a Chap. 13. This can be a complicated process – that’s why our Seattle Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers will be by your side and answer your questions along the way.

A Chap. 13 allows you to get caught up on HOA dues and back property taxes as well. In regard to HOA dues, it’s important to know that you can eliminate back HOA that you’ve accumulated at the time you file a bankruptcy, but you will need to pay the HOA dues that come due after you file up to the time you are no longer on the title of the house (from foreclosure, by selling it, etc.) If you want to keep the house, you have to catch up on the HOA dues. Retaining one of our Seattle home foreclosure lawyers will help ensure that you are aware of the proper procedures to make the process as smooth as possible.

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With either a Chap. 7 or 13, you can eliminate a lot of your debt to improve your cash flow. By eliminating some credit card debt, you can free up more money in your budget for making mortgage payments. Often, mortgage companies are more willing to discuss a modification if you eliminate some debt in bankruptcy. Call our Seattle home foreclosure attorneys to learn more about how we can help you get help immediately!

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