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Wipe Out Your Pay Day Loans

Eliminate your pay day loans with a Washington State bankruptcy!

Wipe out all your Pay Day loans with a Washington State bankruptcy!

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Pay day loans are classified as “general unsecured debt” in bankruptcy and are almost always discharged. General unsecured debt is the last classification of debt to get paid in bankruptcy, if creditors get anything at all. In most Chap. 7’s, pay day loans are discharged. Contact the Washington State Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys from our Seattle, WA law firm to learn more about how we can help protect your financial future using this option. The Seattle, WA bankruptcy lawyers from our law offices offer a free consultation to get started.

In a Chap. 13 bankruptcy, you pay a percentage of this debt depending on how much you can afford. All interest and late charges on payday loans stop in a Chap. 13 bankruptcy, assuming they are paid anything at all. Our skilled Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys in Seattle, WA will cover the details with you to see if this is your best possible solution. Call for your free consultation with the Seattle bankruptcy attorneys from our firm today!

Our Washington State Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys can give you the legal guidance you need.

Some pay day loan companies will tell you that you cannot discharge a pay day loan in a Seattle, WA bankruptcy. This is not true – any contract that claims to waive the right of a debtor to discharge the debt in a WA bankruptcy cannot be enforced. A pay day loan company would have to claim that you intentionally defrauded them to force you to pay the loan back after bankruptcy.

A fraud case is hard to prove. The pay day loan company would have to prove that you never intended to pay the loan back when you took it out. It requires that the pay day loan company file a separate law suit which could easily cost more than any recovery, assuming they could prove fraud.

Because pay day loans are tied to bank accounts, you may want to put a stop payment on any checks you wrote for the payday loan. You may also consider opening a new bank account and closing the one the payday loans are written on.

Wipe out your pay day loans in a Washington State bankruptcy, and put a stop to the vicious cycle!

Once you are in a situation where you are using pay day loans to keep your head above water financially, you may be in a vicious cycle of debt. A WA State bankruptcy may be the most reasonable option for you to get back on track. Contact our Seattle, WA bankruptcy lawyers to learn more about your options today.

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