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The Seattle bankruptcy attorneys from our firm are experienced and can help you wipe out your credit card debt through a Chapter 7.

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It’s easy to feel like you are in a never ending cycle when it comes to paying of large credit card debt. Stop drowning in interest rates and put an end to the stress with bankruptcy debt relief. Contact Erin M. Lane and her team of experienced Washington State bankruptcy lawyers today for a no-obligation case consultation – and get answers!

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The Seattle bankruptcy attorneys from our firm are experienced and can help you wipe out your credit card debt through a Chapter 7.

Credit card debt is classified as a “general unsecured debt” in bankruptcy, meaning it is almost always discharged. This class of debt is the last priority to be paid if creditors receive anything in the Washington State bankruptcy process.

If a Chapter 7 trustee sells any property to pay some of your debt, “priority debt” such as back child support or recent income taxes will be paid first – which is good because those debts are not discharged in bankruptcy. In most Chapter 7’s, there is no property that may be sold and credit card debt is discharged but if some property is sold but it can only pay part of the debt, the balance is discharged. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Seattle, WA can help clarify and answer any of your questions pertaining to this. Call the Seattle credit card debt attorneys from our firm today for your FREE consultation about your Washington State bankruptcy!

Our Washington State bankruptcy lawyers can also help protect your property through Chapter 13.

With Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you pay back credit cards according you your ability. Anything from 0% to 100% of your general unsecured debt, including credit cards, is paid with a Chapter 13. The percentage usually depends on income and expenses, but you may need to pay a percentage if you have property that would have been taken with a Chapter 7. In most cases, you pay no interest on credit card debt with Chapter 13 bankruptcy, though some interest may be required in the rare case when a debtor has a lot of property to protect.

In some very rare cases, a bankruptcy judge will order a debtor to pay credit card debt based on fraud. For this to happen, a creditor has to sue you in a separate bankruptcy case called an “adversarial proceeding”. The creditor has to prove you did not intend to pay the credit card when you filed – usually that means you were planning on bankruptcy and went on a shopping spree. However, if you made luxury purchases or took out cash advances within 90 days from filing a Seattle bankruptcy case, there could be a presumption that you committed fraud and you have to prove that you did not.

Wipe out your credit card debts with a Washington State bankruptcy.

Generally the bankruptcy judge will look at all the circumstances surrounding the charges you make – the amount, how far in debt you were already when you made them, whether they were luxuries, whether you could realistically believe you could pay the charges back, how soon you filed bankruptcy after you made the charges, and whether you had talked to legal counsel before you made the charges. Give our Washington State bankruptcy lawyers a call today for more specifics and a free phone consultation to address your questions.

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