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Our Seattle, WA bankruptcy lawyers offer affordable low flat fees and flexible payment plans.

Affordable bankruptcy attorneys in Seattle, WA.

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With our affordable low flat fees, we make it easier to hire the skilled legal guidance needed to achieve the fresh financial start you’re looking for. Erin M. Lane and her team of experienced Seattle bankruptcy attorneys are here to help. Call in for your FREE consultation!

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Affordable and inexpensive solutions to becoming debt-free.

Need a cheap and inexpensive way to wipe out your debt? Our Seattle, WA bankruptcy attorneys offer affordable low flat fees and flexible payment plans. Call the Seattle bankruptcy lawyers from our law firm today for your free consultation.

Attorney fees vary depending on how complex your case is.

Chap. 7 bankruptcy cases: Attorney fees start at $800, but are typically $1,100 to $1,500 if you’re not self-employed. If you happen to be self-employed, have significant assets, or a large volume of creditors, our attorney fees may be higher and our retainer may be billed hourly.

Our Seattle, WA bankruptcy attorneys offer affordable low flat fees that can be paid in easy installments.

Chap. 13 cases: The Seattle, WA bankruptcy attorneys from our firm typically require at least $800 prior to your bankruptcy petition filing and usually between $1,200 and $1,500. The remainder of our attorney fees can be paid through the Chap. 13 plan.

What our basic attorney fees include:

  • Preparation of your bankruptcy petition and all schedules and forms.
  • Meeting of the creditors hearing.
  • Collection calls from all creditors once retained.
  • All paperwork required to send to the bankruptcy trustee.
  • All work necessary for confirmation of your Chap. 13 plan (if applicable).
  • Our Seattle law firm offers affordable low flat fees. Payment plans for attorney fees also are available. Call for your free consultation with our affordable and experienced Seattle bankruptcy attorneys.

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We offer affordable and flexible payment plans. Our consultations are free and we are often able to start on your case with as little as $200 down to hire us. With your retainer fee, you have an attorney you can check in with while you are getting ready for your bankruptcy.

We charge a flat fee so you don’t need to pay for every phone call.

We charge a flat fee so you don’t need to pay for every phone call. The weeks leading up to a bankruptcy can be crucial. You do not want to make a mistake that could hurt your chances for an effective fresh financial start.

Once you see an attorney and decide that bankruptcy is the best option, you can stop making payments on debt that seems to go nowhere. We keep your general situation in mind and work with you on fees and a payment plan.

If you know you can stop making payments on credit cards, pay day loans, medical bills or any other debt, your cash flow will improve immediately. We make the payment plan easy by setting you up with a schedule and a method of payment. In the meantime, legal advice from our Seattle bankruptcy lawyers is just a phone call away as you get ready to file your case.

You will probably learn that bankruptcy is not as difficult as you feared and feel a reduction in stress right away. Knowing exactly how debt collection will stop, making sure you can keep your personal property and understanding what your fresh start will look like after filing will make your situation easier.

Bankruptcy attorneys in Seattle, WA offering affordable payment plans and inexpensive low flat fees.

With our flat fee, you will know just how much a bankruptcy will cost. Depending on your situation, the complexity of your case and whether you do a Chap. 7 or Chap. 13, our flat fee bankruptcy lawyers can file your case for only a portion of our fees paid before the case is filed. The bankruptcy court charges a filing fee, but we can help you pay most of it after the case is filed.

It’s easy to get started with our flexible payment plans. Call our Seattle bankruptcy lawyers today.

Our Seattle, WA bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you get a fresh start. Begin by simply calling us today for your FREE consultation to learn more.

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