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Stop All Repossession Actions

Bankruptcy stops all repossession actions: cars, vehicles, furniture, and personal property.

Bankruptcy stops all repossession actions:  cars, vehicles, furniture, and personal property.

Seattle repossession lawyer, Erin M. Lane and her team can help.

Learn how to stop your car from being repossessed along with other valuable assets through bankruptcy protection. With your FREE, no-risk initial case consultation, it is a great way to find out your options and address your pressing questions. Call today!

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Our Seattle repossession attorneys can help.

The Seattle repossession attorneys from our firm are here to answer your questions with a free phone consultation, and can help you stop the repossession of your personal property. On this page you will discover some helpful information in regards to this matter.

To begin with, the second you file a bankruptcy, all collections must stop. This includes the repossession of an automobile. Other property, such as furniture or electronics that you are making payments on cannot be repossessed without an expensive court case so creditors rarely try to repossess these items. Usually they will just try to collect the debt through garnishment of wages or a bank account. However, car finance companies are entitled to “self help”, which means taking the car back if they can find it. To help make sure this doesn’t happen, call our Seattle bankruptcy attorneys today! The Seattle repossession attorneys from our law offices are here to help.

Talk to our Seattle repossession lawyers ahead of time.

If your car is repossessed after a bankruptcy is filed by mistake, the finance company has to return it. It is a good idea to talk to our Seattle repossession lawyers well before that happens because sometimes repossessed cars come back with some damage, which may be hard to blame on the bank.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers.

In a Chapter 7, the filing of a bankruptcy can give you some breathing space to get caught up on a car loan. However, if you are unable to get caught up on the car loan the car company can eventually obtain bankruptcy court permission to gain repossession of the car (takes at least a month but can take a few months). The Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers from our law offices can help answer your questions about filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Washington State to stop repossession on your car and other personal property. Call our Seattle repossession lawyers today!

Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys.

In a Chapter 13, you can propose a payment plan to consolidate your car loan with the rest of your debt. If you purchased your car more than 910 days ago, you can “cram it down”, or lower the amount you pay back down to the value of the car. For more information with your filing, contact our Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys right away.

In either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13, you may be able to get the car back even if it’s already been repossessed up to the time it’s sold at action. The “automatic stay”, which prohibits creditors from collecting a debt, also prohibits the bank from selling the car without court permission.

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A car company must wait 21 days to sell the car after repossession. It is easier to get the car back if you file a Chapter 13 plan. You will probably have to pay repossession fees and storage costs to get the car back, so it is important to act quickly. Contact our Seattle repossession attorneys as soon as possible!

Our Seattle repossession lawyers will answer your questions.

Our Seattle bankruptcy attorneys can help stop the repossession of your personal property. The Seattle repossession lawyers from our firm offer inexpensive low flat fees and a free consultation!

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